Its day 3. The struggle is real....its unbelievable.

Blog Post created by inakriv on Feb 17, 2020

Wth is in those thing??? Like seriously!!! Idk if its me being sick, bored, or what but i swear i want to go postal and start ripping people to shreds! Everything is irritating me and i am trying my hardest to stay stay strong. To NOT pick up that cigarette...this HAS to be one of the hardest things i have ever done. I am trying to tell myswlf i am stronger than this addiction

...but aometimes i think the addiction just might be. For now...still holding strong and determined to make day 3!


Like damn....if its this rough at 3 whats it going to be like at 7???? Dont want to think that far ahead....lets complete 72 hours first!!!!

My grandbabies asked me to do this....i can do it for them. And for me! Never realized the smells i had been missing. No clue that cigarettes had robbed me of scent...i know i am niave....but damn! Nothing tastes the same either! Wth??? Going to have to figure out if my once favorite foods are still "good"