2 years smoke free

Blog Post created by ihateit on Apr 21, 2017

Good evening eX community, Tonight I am writing with 2 years full of smoke free days and I could not be more satisfied. When I started my journey on April 20, 2015 I quickly relapsed just hours into my quit because I was not prepared. I did not believe that it would be that hard, that my addiction had such a strong hold on me that it permeated my every choice. I came to find the eX community by the grace of God, and got the messages of truth that I needed to hear. On April 21, 2015 I again began my quit journey and stuck with it, 2 yrs in today. The elders on this site and fellow newbies helped me learn more about the nature and beast of my nicotine addiction. They helped me understand why and how to protect my quit. I cherished each lesson and continue to grip tightly to my quit. There is and will never be a reason for me to smoke another cigarette again. I know if I do, my quit is gone and my addiction will take control. I will not let that happen. I recently lost my father and family suggested I stifle the grief with nicotine. I say N.O.P.E. - not one puff ever. Trading grief for addiction will never heal me, it will only make me sicker. Thank you all for your support, it help give me the comfort and strength to keep strong. Today on my 2 yr anniversary, I want to thank all those who came before me and helped figure out some great strategies and truths. And I want to encourage all those walking with me or recently beginning their journey to never give up on themself. No matter how many times we fall, we must get back up. We will never move forward if we stop moving. Many thanks and much love, Kerrie