Protecting my quit in the face of tragedy

Blog Post created by ihateit on Mar 21, 2017

Hi all, 700 hard fought days of freedom here! I say hard fought because each and every day I make a vow to say no to nicotine. I know that one puff will not just end there. I am an addict and i will never stop smoking if I open that door, even for "just one". I came face to face with a terrible tragedy 2weeks ago. My father unexpectedly passed away. We were not on speaking terms for the past year because of his behavior around my children, but i always believed that we would make amends. The morning I received the phone call was personal hell, with my addiction suggesting that a fresh cigarette would help ease the pain. I brushed the thought aside. When I arrived back home, interactions with my extended family only fanned the flames as almost all of my family smokes heavily. They all kept lighting me cigarettes and offering them. But I held tightly to my quit. I protected my quit as I protect my children from harm. I felt weak but i knew that watching my father and my quit die would destroy me. I choose life. I choose me. I choose my quit. I choose my health. I choose NOPE-not one puff ever. All reasons I used to think were reasons to smoke, are actually reasons NOT to smoke. To all my friends out there, just believe in your rational brain telling you to never smoke again, no matter what. Dont let pain, heartache, or emotions override your common sense. We fight to be nonsmokers and we can never give up! Thanks for reading everyone. <3 Kerrie