Day 245

Blog Post created by hrandolph on Jul 3, 2018

Hello everyone! It's been along time since I have posted anything today marks 245 days yay I am strong this hasn't been easy as we all know I first tried to quit was almost 4 years ago well would have been 4 this September I did really well but would have those bad days and that one puff would take me all the way back to day 1. The hardest things was to learn how to live without cigarette's and remember that cigarette's never made anything better. I took up gardening got myself some chickens to pass the time I still want a cigarette here and there but when I have those feelings I go to my ex and see how many days I have I tell everyone that ever says they want to quit about this. I am so thankful for ex it helped me even if I haven't posted I still can come read and get the emails thank you ex for not giving up on me