I'm ready

Blog Post created by hrandolph on May 5, 2017

Hello everyone! My name is Heather wow what I battle this has been I quite September 11, 2016 10 days after my boy turned 1. I went a good 7 months I would say then my wife and I went out for a date night which we needed. We had a couple of beers and that's all it took I thought I could have one what's one going to do then one turned into a couple then sometimes I would smoke about 10 on a weekend maybe more. I would always  say I would wake up and not smoke that I would fight the carving's. My wife still smoke's so I used her as reason to still smoke I knew she would always have them. On April 28, 6:02pm I chose not to smoke I smoked my last cigarette  You would think by now it would be easy. I have used excuse after excuse one of my biggest excuse  was I can't do this alone and maybe I don't have to I'm asking for all of your help help me get though this I choose not to smoke!