Day one

Blog Post created by hiphouse on Jun 2, 2017

17 hours since I had my last cigarette (I'm in Bulgaria so about 7-8 hours ahead of the US).  I'm going cold turkey as I don't have access to tablets, patches etc. It's been harder than I thought!  I'm sick and tired of smoking, so the incentive is strong.  I can accept that the thoughts of having a cigarette are just that, so I can bat those away. Yet I have an anxious feel in the centre of my chest that I can't get rid of.  Not helped by the fact that I'm stuck at a desk for work... think it would be a good idea to go for a walk.  Think I'll go and do that now!  Any help/support to get me through the next hours.  I believe that day 3 is a nightmare for some. Think I might just make that a movie day and buy chocolate.  Onwards and upwards.  Thanks for letting me share.