at-home-fun activities for coronavirus season

Blog Post created by hihonu on Mar 12, 2020

Hi all,


As if we needed another reason to quit, with all the coronavirus chaos the last thing we want to be worried about is hoarding packs of cigs!!! We should be saving that money for toilet paper and hand soap. PLUS you can sleep easy knowing your lungs are in better shape to fight off any virus if need be! If being at home for longer hours bores you to the point of relapsing, here's a list of unconventionally-fun activities I made for myself:


- recreating famous works of art but really poorly

-musical chairs cup pong (requires friends)


-invent a new recipe w/random items from your cabinet

-find a nostalgic online game

-update your LinkedIn (fun!)

-paint twister

-do an insane workout then congratulate yourself after for finishing it

-journal / write a poem

-put some classical music on and meditate

-call an old friend and catch up

-diy an old clothing item into something new!


If you have any other ideas or try any of the above, comment below! I'd love to hear about it  Take care of yourselves and stay healthy!!