Hello Quitters

Blog Post created by hellbilly_va2 on Feb 7, 2017

Hello fellow quitters. It's been more than a few minutes since I was last here. Sure has changed since then. I'm referring to the website of course. Still haven't smoked or used any kind of nicotine products since like ferever now. Noticed some activity on my email lately and figured I'd stop in and say hey, Hey! Sorry about missing bonfire Guilia, sp?,invited me to attend at start of year. Having some difficulty navigating around new format. I did see a few friends from when I was here last. Congratulations to all of you for sticking with it. Since I was last on here my internet provider stopped their dial up service which pretty much cut me off from everything for what seems like years. I just recently got one of these new fangled smarty phones for $10 . My how times have changed. A phone AND a camera AND innerwebs!! What will they think of next? Hopefully once I get this all figured out again I can come on a bit more regularly. Thanks fer listening,      Tom