Nigh on Six Years!

Blog Post created by hattie on Jan 14, 2018

Good morning, all.


Come Tuesday I will have been off the smokes 6 years. My husband followed a month later. That's a lot of smokes that didn't get smoked by us. 


We enjoy being smoke-free, but truth be told, there are times when each of us has declared to the other, "Boy I could sure use a smoke!" But we laugh it off because we know those babies are like Lays potato chips "You can't have just one." 


Life is easier and certainly healthier, not smoking. Take last evening, as an example. We've been going to shows at our local theatre for years. During the break we would grab our coats, umbrella and what not to head out for a smoke. There would be a huddle of people on the sidewalks doing exactly what we were doing. Then head back in, hit the loo to wash the smell of smoke off, but that really didn't work. Back into the theatre and squirm until the show was over, wanting that next smoke.


Now, we watch other people do what we used to do... head out into the rain to have a smoke. Instead, we are visiting with people at the nearby tables, with friends that wander by (small town, so we know many other folks that come to the theatre). Much more pleasant. We have a cup of coffee, maybe a dessert and have a most pleasant time until the curtain goes up again. We missed the visiting and the pleasure of it when we were smoking.


I can tell when people who smoke walk by my shop or come in, by the smoke in the air or the smell of them. They don't smell all that great and they leave that smell in the shop when they leave. I did not know I was doing that when I was smoking. I must have reeked with the smell of smoke. 


So, even if I sit sometimes and think I want a smoke, I really don't. Quitting isn't all that easy, and frankly, I'd rather not go through it again. 


Have a great Sunday, all. Enjoy your quit and know that down the road, it's a completely different world and you are going to love it!