I am hating the monster I'm becoming!!

Blog Post created by harderthanirealized on Oct 16, 2018

So when I got home this evening my husband was sitting on the porch. No biggie right? He had a mixed drink but hey even that didn't bother me. But when I kissed him I immediately smelled cigarette and I completely lost it. Y'all I didn't lose my quit but I hauled off and smacked my husband. Why did I do that??? Why are my emotions so incredibly uncontrollable? He has every right to smoke. He's an adult and while he had said he would quit with me he isn't obligated to quit like I am. I am hating the monster that I am becoming. If I don't get a grip I will lose more than this habit. He left and I can't blame him but God it hurts. Smacking him didn't make me feel any better only worse.