Another Year Lost

Blog Post created by h2ocean on Apr 2, 2018

Well it is that time of year again each and every year April is when the nagging little man in my head says it is time to quit. he speaks loudly this time of year has 2 anniversary's April 28 and May 10th. On April 28 2010 I turned 48, on Mat 10 I had triple bypass surgery. I did not smoke for 4 months, didn't want to and had no interest to but the addiction slowly crept back into my life. I came on here and checked all the things I had done this time last year and saw my quit date 4/28/2017 and realized another year had slipped away. I smoke around 30 a day so that is another 10,107 cigarettes up in smoke.   

I have set a new date Thursday 04/05/18. I am posting here because quite honestly my participation here last year was not of stellar proportions. I will try to stay active here and if you should read this and there are not follow up posts please send a screaming message for me to get of my dead ass and participate.


thanks for being here.