Yup, Today is the day!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Feb 19, 2021

And it is good to know, the voices have started already.


"Maybe you should quit tomorrow instead."

"Just one more before you quit"

"I wonder ALL the cigarettes got wet in that last pack you soaked in water?"

"Think there might be a few in an old pocket somewhere?"


But I knew they were coming, so I am not bothered.  They did arrive a little early this time.  How impolite!!  I was hoping they would be fashionably late.


But I will be here on the playground.  Playing on the slide, the swing, the Jungle Gym and the sandbox.  Oh, and don't forget the merry go round.  Lets see how fast we can get it to go!  Remember when we got it going too fast and dwwms flew off?  Luckily, no one get hurt on this playground, as long as they stay here and away from that bully nicotine!


Hope you all have a great night!