Slow down, enjoy life around you!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jul 19, 2019

As I have mentioned, a part of my life now is an old farm house we are fixing up for retirement.  We go up on weekends, and therefore , we want to get as much done as possible when we are there.  And while we enjoy the work we are doing, my wife had a realization last weekend.  


We own 15 acres, and we have walked all around the property, but had not climbed the hill across the road.  We took 45 minutes and did this last weekend.  We discovered a view of the farm we had not seen before.  We took a picture.


It is important, no matter how much emphasis we are putting on our goals, that we stop, look around, and enjoy.  Tell those who you care about that you love them.  Take time to remember that life is beautiful, and the world around us is amazing.  And yes, smoking ruins it all!