The Playground has been here a long time!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jul 17, 2019


I went up to the Mayo Clinic last month (but that is another story which I will share later) and was able to locate a picture of our early Quit Smoking Playground.  I was pretty lucky to find a picture with so many old timers (Don't tell Youngatheart.7.4.12 that her bloomers are showing).


But I have only been here on the playground since 2017.  In that time I have grown, and learned a lot about myself.  And this playground has lead me and pushed me to learn even more.


And the kids on the playground, the new ones and the old ones, did not let me give up on myself.  As I struggled, and yes, failed over and over, I still got support and love.  And yes, even as I struggled, I did my best to also help others, because that is how this playground works.  All of us kids play together and help each other and do what we can to keep us all away from that bully nicotine. 


And I am now again entering No Man's Land.  I know I will have all the support of those on the playground as I work my way through.  And I know OldBones-Larry has been working tirelessly to keep the way through the desert safe.


So, for those of you who have just joined the playground, come on in and have fun (and work too!).  And for those of you just entering No Man's Land, come along with me and we will support each other through the desert.


And to all those in the 6% club and beyond, get ready for a new group of kids to join you!!!