It could also be the little things.

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jun 28, 2019

When getting dressed in the morning, at some point, I put on my pants.  i then transfer the items in my pockets yesterday to my pockets today.  My wallet goes in my back right pocket.  Often, a bandanna goes in my back left pocket.  In my front left pocket goes my money clip.  Lastly in my front right pocket goes my pocket knife.


That is also where my lighter always would be.  There are some days that I do not even notice it isn't there.  There are some mornings, though, where I really notice the difference.  Have there been more urges today?  No.  Am I thinking about smoking more, or closer to losing my quit?  


Not at all.


It is just that some days the brain notices one thing.  And on other days, the brain notices something else.


Do not look for any deep meaning here.  


This is just what my brain is noticing right now.