Blog Post created by gregp136 on Aug 25, 2017

Our puppy is still here.  we have decided to keep her with us until she is in pain.  My step daughter is fine, as we knew she would be, but just an added little twisted that was added to the week.


As far as the Cancer, it is small.  There was no lump in the breast at all.  I am calling it her cute little Cancer.  Some days she appreciates that, some days....not so much.


So tonight we are getting a boobie MRI, just to help the surgeon latter.  The plan is a lumpectomy, with targeted radiation for 6 weeks.  That of course can change if new information surfaces.  


Overall is it good news, and the plan is to say goodbye to "the little Cutie" in early September.


Thank you very much for all of your love.  It oozes out of my computer and all over the floor.  There is a ton of it coming from you guys!!!!