A visit to the Playground

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Aug 24, 2017

First let me begin, to put everyone at ease, that I am still smoke free and have been, I think, for OVER 150 days.


And so I am coming to the playground, but am not really in the mood for running and jumping and swinging.


It has been kind of a tough two weeks and I guess I feel like just sitting and thinking for a bit.  


The first issues were my own making.  It is always a healthy stress, I believe, whenever I start a new job.  I left my old one, said goodbye to the friends, and then took a week off.  I am excited and a bit worried about the unknowns in any new job.  It will be fine, but it is still there.  I have also took this week to re-side and re-roof my garage.  Another healthy but stressful task.


But then other stresses land on the plate.  My wife's mammogram last week revealed "an Oddity".  Yes, and at the end of last week the Oddity turned out to be Cancer.   Not huge, since she follows getting squished yearly, but.... The next morning my stepdaughter called from the fine state of Tennessee and she was going under the knife for emergency Appendectomy.  She is recovering at this moment.  May I add to the discussion our yellow lab Tessa is down to 40 pounds, and we could spend another $500 for tests, which will most likely show that she needs $4000 in treatment that may not do any good?  That info was given to us on Saturday.  


So I will just sit here, and breath.  Thoughts of smoking have gone through my brain, but I do not let them stay.  And I thank this group for their support in letting me deal with these issues smoke free.