Crazy day!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jul 31, 2017

Hello everyone.  Haven't been to the playground in a while, and I am sorry about that.  Been real busy in my life, and well, I have to make my not smoking first priority.


It is great seeing all the new people in the sandbox and on the slide.  And the merry go round, and wow, this playground is filling up.  It is so great to see everyone, old and new.


So the big news is I got a new job.  Somehow quitting smoking motivated me to go after the job of my dreams, and I got it.  Not more money, but more of what I love, getting back to working with the elderly and Alzheimer's.  I think I interview better as a non smoker.


But that wasn't the crazy part of the day.  The Crazy part of the day was right before lunch I had a huge urge to smoke, and a long conversation with the nicotine bully about how one wouldn't hurt.  He has not whispered in my ear in a long time, and here he is, on day 135.  He must have been whispering for 2 hours, telling me all the ways to have just one.


No problem, I didn't but it still surprised me.  It also makes me laugh a bit.  when I really think about it, why would I even want one?  But just thought I would fill everyone in, and play on the swings a bit.  


Who can give me an underduck?