Another Greg on the Playground

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jun 27, 2017

Hi, Everyone.  I am back.  I feel like the merry go round today!  Let’s see how fast I can go.  I want to go so fast it feels like I almost can’t hold on!  And then I want to go to the top of the Monkey Bars.  I know I might fall off but I don’t care.  People say be careful, but I won’t!!!


And that is the Greg that is here today.  As I said earlier, I had to get to know all of me in order to make this quit successful.  For me, the biggest part of me to come to terms with was oppositional Greg.  He could also be referred to as the bad boy. 


Bad Greg spent 12 years in school not studying, but still learning.  Greg was happy to clean his room until mom told him to.  There always needed to be a little piece of Greg that did what no one wanted.  That proved he was making his own decisions.  And yes, he made bad decision, but that was his right.


Bad Greg started smoking after the news came out that it caused cancer.  It was a bad thing to do.  And he could not quit when others wanted him to.  Nope.  He was the bad boy.  When he was trapped in a hospital room for 3 days straight, he marched out of the hospital the first chance he could to get a pack.  He didn’t care if it was a spot on his lung that had him trapped in the room in the first place.  No one will make bad Greg quit.


Now, I am not a bad guy.  I do all the cooking, and my share of laundry and cleaning around the house.  I work to help the disabled all day at work.  I am nice.  But there is this little bad guy in me that I need to feed.  That is real.  For years he was fed with smoking.  If I was to succeed in not smoking, I needed to feed him something else.


So, in order to keep my quit, I am a bad boy in other ways.  About once a week I refuse to do the dishes after I cook dinner.  Heck, there have been a few days where I refused to make dinner at all and we went out to eat instead.  I mow the lawn when I want to mow the lawn, and if I don’t want to trim, I won’t.  I have even gone as far as to leave the seat up!  I know, I am out of control!


And to keep my quit, I am on the top of the Jungle Gym, and am about to fall off and I don’t care!!!