Which Greg will come to the playground today?

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jun 26, 2017

Helloooooo Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a great sunny day on the playground!  It feels great to be here, and I love seeing all my friends here.  And new people are showing up and joining in the fun! Sometimes when I come here, I am quieter, and watch all you guys helping each other and playing with each other.  Sometimes I am more active, and jumping around with you, having fun, playing tag, and just doing whatever.  Sometimes I am a little grumpy, and I am a little too quick to judge, or I can’t take a joke.  I am sorry about those days.


There are lots of different Gregs, and each one acts differently.  Also, each one was affected differently by the smoking, and had a different part to play in starting smoking.  I have always said I am succeeding in this quit because I learned what I needed to quit.  The first thing I needed was this playground, and I looked for weeks until I found it.  The second thing I needed to do was to get to know each Greg, and learn why each Greg got started smoking, and why each Greg wanted to keep smoking. 


Lately, I have been thinking of the Adult Greg.  Growing up, he saw adult smoke. I didn’t start smoking until I was 20, I was feeling like I had reached adulthood.  I was responsible, going to college, paying my own tuition, dating…. all the adult things.  It seemed only logical that as an adult, I would start smoking.


So, in order to succeed in my quit, me and my adult have has many conversations.  I needed to meet the needs of the adult so he would not fight the quit.  In truth, there were times where I had to tell myself clearly that adulthood does not mean smoking.  I can be an adult and smoke free.


And he was just one of the many Gregs that I needed to talk to in order to succeed. 


And it has been worth it!