Sunny Day!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jun 9, 2017

What a great day on the playground. The sun is shinning, and there is not a cloud in the sky.  The kids on the slide are having a blast seeing how many times they can go down the slide in a minute.  Everyone is barefoot feeling the cool grass between their toes. Everywhere I turn people are laughing, and loving!  They all seem in a great mood, and interacting and having fun. 


And while there have been a few problems with the nicotine bully, overall we have been holding our own against him pretty well. There have been more Elders stopping by, and just letting everyone know how great it feels to have MANY days quit.  And it makes us all feel great and gives us the extra push to stay quit! Those of us in No Man’s Land here on the playground are holding our own too.  There have been rough days, luke warm days and great days.  We all struggle through them at our own pace, and in our own way, but with the support here we are making it.


You know, some days every thing just flows together. The sun, the friendships, the interactions.  A cool breeze when I get a bit too warm.  Someone to push me as soon as I get to the swing.  A game of tag when I get bored playing in the sandbox.  This is one of those great days. 


When a day seems this perfect, I realize a lot of it comes from inside me. When I feel sunny inside, the playground is more likely to be sunny. And even when it isn’t sunny, I enjoy the rain drops.  Things people say to me I can really hear.  I can feel their feelings deeper, and I feel like they can see into me just as deeply. 


Not every day on the playground will be like this. I know that.  But like with all of life, we have to enjoy what is given us, for it is the only life we have.  And regardless of what tomorrow brings, today I am going to have a blast, and I will wear every grass stain like a badge of honor!