Luke Warm

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jun 6, 2017

Some days when I come to the playground, I feel kind of down in the dumps.  Not like real grumpy or anything, just kind of like not positive or negative.  I guess I feel luke warm.


Today was one of those days.  All the swings were taken, and that was okay ‘cause I didn’t feel like swinging anyway.  The sand box, well, I didn’t really feel like playing there either.  And the sun was shining, and a nice breeze was blowing, but I still kinda felt that way, like you know, kinda luke warm. 


And so I just kinda walked around, stuck my nose into this conversation over here, and said a few words on that conversation over there, and did more listening than anything else. I heard what I heard before, people helping people.  Just listening to that can help me.  I guess that is why I come to the playground in the first place. 

I walked over to the picnic table, and Bree19 was telling her story.  She has been real sad lately, and even though she is kinda shy, she was telling the other kids about it.    Then bookee6, who is kinda new to the playground but seems like a cool kid joins in and so they are both boosting each other up and they both feel better.


Today it really struck home.  Today it struck me a lot deeper than other days. 


We are present for each other on here.  Completely, and with unconditional love.  And it isn’t just smoking, it is all of life, because smoking affected our whole life, so not smoking will too.  And so we are here to help each other with all of life!  So when I get down in the dumps, or am just feeling like luke warm, could someone please hit me upside the head and remind me of how lucky I am to be on the best playground in the world, being cared for by lots and lots of cool kids!