Who is fastest on the playground?

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jun 1, 2017

It seems like a few beautiful days on the playground lately.  The Sun is shining and a ton of kids are here.  We have the old timers of course, and they are all over as usual.  The swings, the slide, and some are even over in the pond trying to catch crayfish (who can make the best doughball?)!  There are those of us fighting through the desert of NML.  Sometimes it does feel like I am stuck on top of the Jungle Gym and can’t get down. And look, we got a number of new quitters!  That is so great!  Come on in! Join us on the Teeter Totter, or the tire swing, or playing kick the can!  Join in wherever you want!


We are all so different.  Some are really good at the swings, and some can go down the slide so fast!  Others can get the merry go round going so fast I think they will fly off and hit the trees.  Other kids can balance real good and not fall.  I am good at falling a lot, and not getting hurt.  And look, a few kids have built a whole city in the sandbox.


Here on the playground, we all have talents, and they are all different.  The same is true with our quits and beating that bully Nicotine!  There are some people who just made up their mind to stop smoking, and that is what they did!  Others knew they needed the gum, or the patch, and stuck with it.  Still others used other pharmaceuticals, and are attacking the nicotine that way.  As you all know, I went cold turkey, and used this playground as my nicotine replacement.  It is good as long as it helps us in our quit.


But there are those who have tried, over and over again, and they keep failing.  Some seem to just disappear, but there are those who stay here on the playground, working, and struggling, and keep trying.  Of all the people on the playground, I respect them most of all.  I do not believe I would have the strength, or the stamina, to continue to try after failing.  But they do.  And yes, I believe they will succeed.  And while I may have different talents then they have, they have a fortitude that leaves me on the baby swings. 


I am learning from them, and am thankful they are still here trying.  And no matter how long it takes, we will have a special picnic here at the playground when they hit triple digits, or the 6% club.  No one should ever be ashamed, as long as they stay here on the playground, and keep trying!