No Man's(Woman's) Land Roll Call

Blog Post created by gregp136 on May 28, 2017

As I, with the fellow Marchers and others, experience the joys of No Man’s(Woman’s) land,  it is clear we have a solid , albeit small, group of quitters struggling together through NML.  In my exploration of this site, I have come upon an idea that seems to have started with SarahP .She had a weekly No Man’s Land weekly roll call.  A chance for all the NMLers to just check in, and just let us all know we are doing okay, and to give each other any added support we can.


So let me start it.  Sunday seems like a good day to do it (even though it was on Wednesday in the past).  Every Sunday we will meet at the Sandbox, anytime of the day. Hang around as long as you want.  Come and go if you want.  The only rule is to share the Tonka Trucks.


So I will be in and out today (Tomatoes still have to be planted) and will be at the sandbox next Sunday too.