I Humbly Thank You

Blog Post created by gregp136 on May 6, 2017

I wanted to quit smoking.  I needed to quit smoking.  I knew the time was right.  I knew all the past failures had to be kept in the past.  I knew I had to take what I had learned in past failures, and use that to stay quit.

I wandered here. 


I am 50 days quit today, thanks to all the friends I have encountered here.  The elders, well, we all know about them.  They gave up smoking, and now give up their time so that we can join them in smoke free paradise.  Those who have quit before me but still aren’t elders.  They have walked the path I am walking more recently, and are still dealing with some of their struggles. 


And yes, the Marchers.  There were more of us in the beginning, and we may not be “The November to Remember”, but without my fellow Marchers, I would not have made it.  And the quitters who have quit since, up to the new ones today!  You helped me too, by reminding me where I have been, but also allowing me to feel useful.

And so I thank all of you for my 50 days smoke free.  Each and every one of you are responsible in some way.  I will list no one for I would need to list all.  You welcomed me into your family, supported me a ton, and put up with my goofiness (My mother called me “Quirky”, because mom’s have a nice way of putting things).


You are all my friends.  True friends.


Thank you for giving me 50 days of freedom.