The Trek Continues

Blog Post created by gregp136 on May 1, 2017

The obstacle course through No Man’s Land has been great so far.  Nothing has been too hard, and the few nicotine bullies I have run into have been little weak punks!  Easy to brush aside and ignore.  I know tougher ones might be ahead, so I am keeping my guard up!


But right now I am at the top of the tower, getting ready for the fun slide down.  From here I can see the whole playground. I can see the bonfire is still burning strong with all the cigarettes burned.  I can see people at the sandbox, and the slide and the swings (Yup, I can see the tire swing too). Looks like it will be a good day on the playground.


But I also can see a lot of nicotine bullies.  They seem to be all over the park.  I can see some up ahead in No Mans Land, waiting for us to come along.  I can see some right at the gate of the playground, waiting to ambush new quitters as they come in to play.  We all have to keep our guard up, and remind our playmates here to do the same.  We can beat any bully if we stick together, and that is why this playground is the bestest playground in the whole wide world!