On the road again

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Apr 12, 2017

I think I am at 26 days without a cigarette, or any nicotine in my now healthy body. I feel wonderful, and as of today, have yet to have any hard candy or gum, and it is after 1:30 PM.  Everything is going well.

When I first joined this group, I had no idea how connected I would get here. There are way too many nice and helpful people!  I can’t imagine having quit without you (I tried many times and failed). But I also don’t want you to worry.  My step daughter is graduating in Florida this weekend, and we are heading down to be there, and then take a week exploring the Sunshine State. We will be in the teardrop trailer we built, so if you see us, wave.  I promise we will wave back.

But I will have less time to be on here, and may miss some days, depending on WIFI availability. So know that I will be smoke free (I Promise!), and will be taking a relaxing vacation with 2 of the world’s most wonderful women. And I know you will all be smoke free when I return!