Almost Three

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Apr 6, 2017

Yup, three weeks is on the horizon.  I am, thanks to ALL of you, smoke free.  And yes, week three is easier than week one or two.  

And it isn't.

For me the urges come less frequently overall, but they still come.  They are not as strong, but they still attempt to knock me on my tusshi.  And yes, I have changed too, and so has the challenge.

For me, the sprint is over.  I hit the starting line and used all the energy I had the first 2 weeks to out sprint the evil nicotine.  And I did it!  And the excitement (and the support of all of you) pushed me through this hinky week.  But I need to look forward.  And as I look forward, I see the sprint is turning into a marathon.  

I knew it would.

No surprise.

But I need to dig deep.  Running a marathon requires different stamina.  

The urges the last two nights have been more persistent.  The urges seem to be preparing for the marathon also.  

But of course, they do not stand a chance.  Since I have wandered on to this playground, I have learned so much, and come way to far to go back.  

So I am ready for the marathon.  I tightened my tennies, and I am ready.  

Because I am not running alone.  We are running together.  This marathon will not end, but that is great, it means I will always have friends by my side!