Welcome to the playground

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Apr 3, 2017

I found the most amazing playground.  And it was right when I needed it.  The place is huge, and while there are lots of kids here, there is always room for more.  Some of the kids here are older, and have been here a while.  Other kids are new like me, but we were welcomed right away!

And they have everything here, even though a lot of the stuff isn't really being used right now.  Some playgrounds would have torn those down, but not here.  They leave up just in case!  What a great idea!

And for people who are more into silly competition, there are points you can earn for little things, to keep those people interested and coming back.  You can even give badges and receive badges just for fun (Google "warm fuzzies and cold pricklies").  This place has everything.


What a great idea.  Yes, the support can't be beat, but you got other things to keep us kids coming to the playground.  And if we come, we will quit!  Thank you, park people.