A challenging Conflict

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Apr 2, 2017

I have mentioned before how I have learned the importance of not projecting each urge into the future.  The importance of taking each day, or if necessary, each moment without looking further forward.  But what makes this difficult is to remain motivated for the quit, I look forward to smoke free vacations, long hikes with healthy lungs, my long life due to a healthy body.  There is a real struggle between the need to think very short term and the need to think long term throughout the quit.

So this is where we need to control our brain.  Our brain, due to the nicotine, will play lots of fun tricks.  But you need to out trick the brain.  Keep that brain nimble, ready to bounce to support your quit.  Jump to five minute mode, oops, jump to the future, stop, turn, back to the future, no, painful past, future, 2 hours, next year, last night ....Rest.

But lets make fun of the silly nicotine, who is doing everything to get you not to leave.  Do not feel sorry for it.  Be rude.  Be spiteful.  Be a bully!  Take back your body, but stay nimble to do it!