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Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 31, 2017

So I open up my email today and there is an email from the excommunity (maybe some of you have heard of it?).  I realize this is just a computer generated ad for the community, but I still found it a bit disheartening.  An interesting way to celebrate my 2 weeks, telling me if I slipped up it is okay!


Stay Quit
Recovering from a smoking slip-up
Quitting is tough and sometimes slip-ups happen. If you haven't given in, that's great. But if you have slipped up and had a cigarette, that's okay, too. It's just time to get back on track.
Certain people, places and feelings make cravings to smoke even stronger, so avoiding high-risk situations for the first few weeks can help you avoid a relapse.
Keep up the good work!
All the best, The EX Admin