Missed a BIG trigger

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 26, 2017

As we prepare for our quits, we identify triggers so we can have weapons ready to fight them.  I missed a big one.


My parents believe that I was successful in my quit about 7 years ago.  I have been faking it for them since.  That means showering before I go over, and not smoking until I get home from their house.  It is about every month and 1/2, for a few hours for dinner.  It was tonight.  I believe this would be fine because I never smoked there anyway.




In the last 7 years, every time I went over I trained my body to yearn for tobacco while I was at their house  and to expect it as soon as I left.  It hit me good.




Knocked me on to my Tushie.

Lots of deep breathes.  Chewing gum so hard I bit a hole in my lip.  But I am home now, and did not give in.  Am preparing in case there is some left over urges when I drive to work in the morning.  

I am Okay.  I am surviving.  But, yes, the urge is still here, and I am again reminded that I am addicted, and I will not give in.


I think I will go scream into my pillow for 10 minutes too!