I see a week up ahead!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 23, 2017

Yup, there it is, just over the hill.  At 11:17PM today I will hit one week without nicotine.  Cold Turkey (and maybe a bit of Ham).  And yes, to friends who have mentioned it, this week did go fast.  Quits that didn't last nearly as long seemed a lot longer.  

Today was an example.  Had  a meeting in Madison, WI(Think Boulder, CO, flatter, but with more beer), about an hour and 1/2 away.  Drove there, not thinking of smoking, thought about it a few times there, but nothing bad, and nothing on the drive home.  The urges I felt yesterday are gone (If they come back, I am ready), and over all had a few strong urges, but they dissipated. I am liking what you guys have done for me.


One thing I learned from my last few quits, in which I used patches, is that I am addicted to nicotine, not smoking.  I have not enjoyed smoking for years.  It tasted bad, took time, just a hassle.  I did like how nicotine made me feel.  Even the patches.  I would put one on and 1/2 hour later could feel it.  So, this time, I knew I need to get rid of the nicotine.  My body is adjusting to life without the drug, and I am on my way to be happy, rich, and sexy!!!! (Hey, maybe not, but a man can dream!)

Thanks again EVERYONE!