My Parent's Footsteps

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 21, 2017

My mother was an off and on smoker.  When I was in my teens, she was having  a hard time quitting during one of "ons".  A very hard time.  Then she read an article that informed her that smoking causes wrinkles.  She put them down never to pick them up again.


My Father struggled to quit forever.  He was two packs a day, and he just was unable to quit.  There were also a lot fewer resources and information on addition in the 70's.  Out of the blue, in 1979, he drank for 4 days.  He ran his own small advertising agency, so work was not an issue.  When he sobered up, he was smoke free, and never went back.


And now here I come.  I am not fearful of wrinkles, and intoxication was never my thing, so that is why I  am sticking with this group to quit!