But the 6th...WOW!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 22, 2017

The day started out tough.  The urges were stronger when I got up.  They were still strong after my bowl of honey nut cheerios. On my way to work, working on schedules, working on budgets, running staff meeting, it wouldn't end.  What a DAY!  I can honestly say I was never tempted to end my 5 day winning streak, but many many times I heard my brain start the conversation about smoking. I know where this leads.  I have learned by quickly, and abruptly shaking my head back and forth, I am able to shake up my brain enough to knock out any thought.  I must have shaken my head 50 times today!


So another 5+ hours and day 6 will be in the books.  And good riddance to it!


Yes, I knew it would not be all buttercups and kisses, and I am ready for more than this if need be.  But, Jeez, it was one challenging day!