Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 22, 2017

For me, I believe, it is all about my brain.  It has gotten so tricky in past quits, and I have worked to keep it down.  This morning I can feel the undercurrent of wanting a cigarette.  It is stronger this morning.  No real surges, just hanging out in the background.  So how do I deal with it?  A big part is the preparation before I quit.  I knew this was coming, and I am ready to handle it.  I also face it, identify it, bring it out into the light.  I know I do not want to smoke, and this is not a real threat.  I can easily handle this, yes, I will not smoke even if it gets worse.  Smoking really sucks.  And yes, I believe my brain has finally decided to join the winning side (The quitting side) and is no longer making up reasons to smoke again.  

And so I am not fearful I will run out to the store to buy cigarettes.  I know I will not.  And I will keep reading and writing here, for you all have helped me, and my hope is that I can return the favor in some small way.  


Enjoy the day, New Quitters, Old Quitters, and Soon to quit quitters!