End of 4th, or is it 3rd?

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 20, 2017

Not sure how to count.  My first day of quit, Friday, would make today my 4th.  But, according to the conductor (And I have never been lied to by a conductor), I am at three.  Actually, I don't really care.  The key is that I am Nicotine free!.

The urges come and go.  Some stronger than others.  Some almost knock me on my tusshy....almost.

Going strong, and willing to accept the struggles.  

And do I need to say it again.  I almost cried(Haven't done that since 8th grade, another long story) when I read the comments to my posting this morning when I got home.  And the response to my good news was great.


You guys are the best!


Thank you!