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Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 19, 2017

Okay, so I notice that there is this Number, or score, that keeps going up depending on what I do. Yes, I do like the physiological effect of those numbers.  But more, as the points change, so do the people you are surrounded by on the leader board.  If you click on the name of those around you, you can read their stories, some from 2010, some from 2014, from all over the place.  Some with 2 days of success, some with 100.  Yes, it is very helpful to be supported by the active people here, but there have also been a lot of people who came through and did not remain active.  I hope the best for them too!


But now to what is important.  Keeping my mouth busy!


Yes, I use sugar free Gum, I prefer the mint in Mentos Gum, but that is just me.  I also love pretzel rods. They are semi healthy, can suck on them, chew them, whatever.

And lets not forget Twizzlers.

Or Werthers Hard candy...or caramel filled.

And yes, Stay away from Pineapple upside down cake.  It has been proven to be a trigger!