Day three continued

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 19, 2017

Okay, No need for anyone to read this one.  Just me rambling and wasting time, keep from being too bored.  Wife lovingly decided to cook dinner tonight, so that took me off the hook.  Not much of a basketball fan, except for the local teams (Go Wisconsin), so need to find something to do.  The biography of Omar Bradley has slowed down a bit and gotten boring, and to early to go outside and plant.  


Not feeling a big urge to smoke, and amazingly, the rage has not shown its head today.  Again, tomorrow will be the tough day.  I will get through it though, I do not doubt that.  I will not let myself down, and I will not let myself lose these 3 days.  So I am ready.  And lets face it, another day of work under my belt would really do great things in my proving to myself that evil nicotine is no match for me and my posse (That is you guys).


I have Andrew Jackson's biography I haven't started yet.  I think I may dive into that.