Assumptions Turned Into Addiction !

Blog Post created by green1611 on Dec 6, 2020

Baby Boomers and millennials were under some strange assumptions, and that's where got into smoking activity and got addicted. I reflected myself, why did I start smoking?.. main five reasons below:


                              1) Once a while social smoking is not bad. It will not kill me.

                              2) Smoking is not the game of cowards. It requires brave hearts.

                              3) Had it been so bad, why people around me smoke?

                              4) Let me go and smoke with him/her, and make a good friend.

                              5) Smoking is retaliated to brain activity, and is good for brain !


Moe views welcome !  Some thing I saw on internet reproduced below :





However .... Smart people do not SMOKE >>> Quit smoking >>>>>>>