We all have two lives. Second one starts when we realise we only have one ! Tom Hiddleston.

Blog Post created by green1611 on Nov 1, 2020

We never had to smoke in our childhood.

No one taught us that you must smoke to live.

Unknowingly or knowing we made efforts to smoke on cigarette some years back.

And slowly got completely addicted to it. 


It is time to understand we can correct our mistake by way of quitting smoking in the same way, same determination, and in the same life. 


Believe me, I felt as if I am newly born on this planet, when I was able to hold on my quit.

It was difficult initially, but later not that difficult.

Slowly, got used to get smoother life without nicotine, and I said I got new Birth !

Really enjoying the new life which is more energetic post quit.


I wish every one here gets second life on this planet by way quitting smoking.