Monitoring Quit !

Blog Post created by green1611 on Oct 1, 2020

It was daily practice, after quitting …count the days one by one.


I had made excel worksheet which was very useful. It was containing few columns. Once you put today’s date, it used to calculate number of days quit, number cigarettes not smoke, number of tea and coffee not required, and the amounts.


I used to calculate religiously from Day 2 of my quit. So everyday morning open laptop, put the date and check all above details. 


Initially, it was daily work, without fail !.


As moved to double digit. 10 days quit, 11 days etc. Moving from double digit to 100 days, believe me, I used to calculate daily… on above excel worksheet. And used to have amazing feeling, some achievement sense, some quitting sense, some mindful rejuvenate, etc.


As I crossed triple digit, I.e. 100 days, the counting shifted to alternate day, or once in week etc. As days pass, it was occasional onwards.


Now I do not count, when I log in, I check on this portal.. and, yes I thank this community !


All the best to new comers, suggest work on something like this, which will keep you on the track of quit smoking, and avoid relapse.