Am I there? No.. No

Blog Post created by green1611 on Sep 11, 2020

I come in the balcony every day morning, and I see him, the man in his 70s. He comes out of home at this time. Looks around, no one on the street, goes little ahead, catch up his cigarette, lights it, smokes in a hurry, and return back to home in ten minutes.

I see him again in the afternoon, and again in the evening. .. Everyday No change ! what changed may be the colours of his outfit. 

He must be feeling proud, that he does not smoke in his home, (wife and young two children are not passive smokers at least),

and I feel, at least once in a day,  he must be feeling guilty as well because he is slave !


I would have been in his place, had I not quit in Nov 2013.... I feel so relaxed, so free, and so much feel good factor in the mind!  And I thank this community every time, for timely support for successful quit !