Not Now.....emotional relations with cigarette!

Blog Post created by green1611 on Mar 11, 2020

I used to  relate smoking to an activity I.e. having cup of coffee, dinner, etc. I think all smoker relate this way. This is alright and does give trouble after quitting. For each of such activity, the cravings makes us nervous initially. However gradually get used to do such activity without cigarette.


Secondly, I use to relate smoking emotionally.  I see nice sun set over rolling clouds, and I would have smoked earlier. So next time when I see beautiful sunset, I like to smoke then.  Or, while in public place met the friend you like,  unexpectedly, and you feel so nice. After brief talking, I used to go smoke, just remember that meeting.  Another example is ..In a week there were two calls (Thursdays and Tuesdays) with stakeholders. I used to smoke definitely  before such call, and if I did not do that, the call used go bad..some or the other way. This way I related smoking to phone calls.  One more example is Anger…if I am angry, best was to go to smoking place, and light cigarette.   Many such examples I can think of on emotional relations with smoking. 


Second type of relations are really thin line between quit smoking and relapse. Emotional relations make quitting challenging.  Just to clarify further.. I used to think, ok, I am not smoking before my weekly phone call, and really the call did not go well. So I must smoke first, then think of why the discussions did not go well? Or when I am angry, and did not smoke, but next time I am going to smoke, can not resist. etc. Such relations were more troubling during first two three months. 


So started thinking positive, and got some trick. To avoid emotional craving , I used say Not Now… Even if cravings are disturbing to the great extent, I used to say Not Now….Not smoking. No no no. At least not now, and during whole of day today, I am not going to smoke. 


Believe, this “not now”,  attitude paved way to come out of cravings …It helped me a lot.


I will be completing 2300 days of successful quit in next couple of days.


So thought of sharing with you all.