Lose your friend

Blog Post created by green1611 on Feb 24, 2020

Getting together  for coffee and cigarette, evening time gossip, get together, and smoke, important discussions, call a friend face to face, go to coffee shop, and smoke, travelling together with friends and smoking. I had many friends


When I quit smoking, obviously, next few days my smoking friends were annoyed. Some of them were happy, that at least I am trying sincerely, some were confident that I will start smoking in few days, and some were giving me hard times like calling to talk when they were smoking, party time etc.


I was anxious, if I would miss some of my best friends, who were smokers, and they continue to smoke, while I am trying to quit.


It was long battle for me, on one hand keep the friendship with best friends, and not join them for smoke. 


I decided lose friend, if it comes to, but say NO to smoking !!


I succeeded, and reality would have lost a few friends due to quitting.


Your views and experience welcome.