“Believe ..."

Blog Post created by green1611 on Feb 20, 2020

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt


I joined EX after few days of my quit. Means, I was suffering initial days of quitting, cravings, fear, sleepless nights etc., and I joined this excellent EX.


Looking at EX site, people here, their pics etc, I used to feel, that whether I can quit smoking like these stalwarts? How can I do that? No I will not be able to do. I have quit already, but very soon, I will have to smoke, because life without cigarette smoking was punishment, so to say.


I use to read above quote from Theodore Roosevelt daily, which was written some where in the community.


I related that to this EX site. EX smokers believed in themselves.  And therefore they are successful in quitting.

If, I do not believe in myself, how I will be successful? Roosevelt is right, believe in you....believe in you.


From that moment, the day changed, looking at fear of addiction changed, confidence gained, believed in me, I can do it, I will be able to quit. Great Ex people, and great quote by Theodore.


Today I am 2277 days smoke free. ..All the best to new joiners, and those who are still struggling to keep quit.