11 months and 8 days free from the poison.

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Feb 16, 2018

hey everyone!  I have been super busy, but still smoke free!   I am going through a breakup with my common law husband. We were together for 17yrs.,  it is very difficult as I have no extended family here. I am having to make it on my own with the help of God and friends. I am excited to say I have not even thought of picking up a poison stick. I have enough problems to deal with, so I certainly don't need to add chocking myself to death on the list.  I get nothing financially from the relationship of being a stay at home mom all these yrs.   We don't have common law in my state.  So I am starting over with nothing like that. But I am starting over with my freedom from a controlling situation.  FREEDOM from the poison also.   I am taking this hard chapter a day at a time just like I have been doing with quitting the poison.  Perhaps God had a plan when I quit smoking, perhaps it was to get me ready and be able to face a very difficult situation in the future. That being the end of my relationship with my ' husband ' .  Not sure, but I know I smoking would do nothing to change any of this, it would only add misery and I would be CONTROLLED again.   I have found a cute place to live where I can walk everywhere to get around. And I have a job interview at a nursing home on Monday, and it's only blocks away from my new home.   So I am excited about that!   


For the new people coming on here because you too are fed up of smoking and just want to quit, I give you this advice,  Keep coming back to ex everyday and read, read, read and then pick a date to not only quit, but that date will be the beginning of a new life. I never slipped, I stayed close to the site for months and months. I cried at the beginning and I felt like I lost my best friend.  But guess what, the triggers became less and less.  And yes I walked around like a chicken without a head for awhile wanting that stupid poison stick, like every minute the first few weeks. lol   But then it started to calm down and I eventually noticed I wasn't thinking of them as often.  I now live with a roommate who smokes outside.  And it triggered me at first, but then I just said NOPE (Not One Puff Ever). Like I said I have enough crap to deal with then want to add that crap to my life again.     I knew I was really doing good when I would do chores around the house and not think to go for a smoke afterwards. lol    I don't even think of them now at times like that.  



So again thank GOD for this site and all the elders and just everyone who contributes to this site. Mark and the clinic also.   We are very fortunate to have this site.   So follow all the advice the elders give and you will be just fine I PROMISE .  Those words are what got me through the hardest times.  I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER.    


Almost at the year mark.