It Will Get Better, I PROMISE

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Oct 30, 2017

To all the newbies on here,  this freedom of yours is going to get much easier, I PROMISE you that.   Those are the words I hung on to every time I cried and wanted to break down and have that stupid poison cigarette.   I came here to Ex and read through my craves. I went and watched videos of people who were dying from cancer due to smoking.  If they took the time to share their journey, I took the time and gave them the respect by watching it.  It is due to this site and them that I am poison free.   I took it one minute at a time at the beginning. I felt like a chicken without a head, I kept saying  ' this has to get better ' .  I remember breaking down at week 3, and just crying and crying.  I felt like I lost my best friend.  But after that good cry, things started to look up.   Smoking just wasn't an option anymore in my life.  I looked at it like, if I wasn't going to go out and do lethal drugs, why in the heck would I go and buy smokes.  The frigging things make your life so hard.   You're paying the a%$holes to kill you.   So chin up and be strong!   My life is so much better.  I can do my workouts without feeling like my chest is going to explode.  Things will get better 



                                                                 I PROMISE