People are dying out there and you're not paying attention

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Sep 22, 2017

   Well, I'm 195 days free of the poison.  I have my days of course where I romance the thought of a cigarette , and then I come back to reality.   To the ones who are having a hard time quitting and keep going back to it, have you went to the site WhyQuit - #1 quit smoking site    ??  


Have you taken the time to actually sit and watch and listen to the stories of these people who have died?  Do you realize they took the time away from dying, to make these videos or write their stories for people?  So people would see and perhaps understand what smoking can do to a human.


I used to be that smoker who didn't pay attention to the stories of others. I would turn away or turn the tv on at those commercials.  I would say, ' ya, ya, I know already ' .   But you know what, I didn't know, I kinda had an idea, but I didn't know the truth of it. I didn't know the pure hell of it.  So right before my quit and at the beginning of it, I watched them.   Every time I had a crave, I watched them.  I gave those smokers the respect of watching their videos, that they made for me and everyone else who smoked and was trying to quit. And I thank them, because even though there are some days I so want a frigging smoke, I don't go through with it.  I remember I don't do that anymore and I remember their horror stories that they died telling us. 


So next time you have a crave, or you don't think you can quit, or you keep going back to the poison,  go and check out 


WhyQuit - #1 quit smoking site    Why??  because you don't want to end up being one of these people making a video, hoping someone will watch it and save their lives.   


To me they did not die in vain, I and many others choose not to look away, but watch them and even shed some tears for them and their families.   It's quite the bullshit that tobacco companies can continue to sell us poison. But what's even crazier, is that we actually pay them to do that.    Done, done and done, I am so done.    This is my first quit and it's been going strong, because of these videos and stories.