Smoke free vacation!

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Aug 8, 2017

I'm back from my long vacay!  I had a great time visiting family back home in Canada!  This was my first time visiting them as a non smoker. Of course I got triggers when I first arrived, but I was prepared for them and just told myself ' I don't do that anymore' .   I was there for three weeks, so it's like I had to adjust all over again to being a non smoker.  I visit every year for that long, so it's almost like I was going through heck week again, but for over there.  Oh well, I got through it and still had fun.. I spent most of all my time at my parents cottage swimming and kayaking. I wasn't online and I don't own a cellphone, so it's good to get back to the group and see how you are all doing.  I missed reading your blogs everyday, I will be heading to do that now! Hope all is well with all of you and you're all still free from the poison!